Bridging the Real Estate Funding Gap via Collateralised Lending

Defining the future of Real Estate and Blockchain


World of LandOrc?

LandOrc is connecting World of Real Estate to Web3.0. Providing management of land titles via Non Fungible Token (NFT). Capital movement from USD 128 billion Decentralised Finance (DeFi) pools to staking on global property development projects.

Operating on blockchain, for greater transparency and speed of transactions. The platform seamlessly integrates data across on-chain and off-chain, using oracles, hence the name LandOrc.

Headquartered in the United Arab Emirates. With technology and operations teams spread across multiple markets. LandOrc is defining the future of real estate funding.


Investors in both Digital Asset and Real Estate are looking for longer term gains. Reflected in the 99% of Ethereum wallets that are not invested in higher risk DeFi transactions. Increase in cross border real estate investments and the rise of REIT - Real Estate Investment Trusts.

LandOrc offers investors an opportunity to broaden their portfolio by lending to property developers across high interest segments, globally. Real estate is the largest asset class, USD 326 trillion, linked to core human needs and will continue to grow for years to come. Investors can now benefit from global lending opportunities, without worry

Registration Process

Uses blockchain based identity solutions to ensure compliance with investment norms and allows participation in governance of LandOrc. Ensures lenders are updated of the latest projects. Have easy access to participation in the upcoming lending projects, get a headstart.

Staking Rewards

Investors can lend in two ways formats - platform staking, a flexible lending that allows investors to exit at any time and gain proportional rewards. The staking rewards are from a portfolio of property developments and deliver averaged returns. Project staking is for specific developments and the tenure and rewards are linked to that project. Secured with collateral held via land title on NFT. Managed by a locally incorporated subsidiary, ensuring compliance.

Investment Returns

All staking is done via LORC tokens listed for purchase on digital asset exchanges like Coinsbit and Bitforex. The centralised global exchanges allow for easy purchase and trading of LORC across global investors. Post tenure staking rewards are repaid to lender's wallets automatically via smart contracts. LandOrc smart contracts have been audited by security firm Entersoft, for greater security.

Real Estate Opportunity

Property developers are challenged in raising capital, especially those operating in high interest markets. Real estate activity in these segments are estimated at USD 500 billion per annum. Recent pandemic has put even greater pressure due to reduction of exposure from banks and other conventional sources. While alternate funding sources are yet to mature. Access to capital at lower interest, transparent processes and faster turnaround reduces cost of financing, making housing more affordable.

Registration Process

Property Developers register interest with details of the project. Covering project objective, tenure, interest and collateral available. Allows for validation of property developer and project against relevant legally accepted guidelines of the operating country. Entire governance process on the blockchain for greater transparency and decentralisation of decision making. Ensuring risks are managed.

Collateral Valuation

Every project lending on LandOrc is backed by land collateral of a higher value. The valuation of the collateral is done by independent valuers and lawyers. With governance operating on the blockchain for transparency and speed. Collateral is held by a legally binding framework via the land title. Processing key details of location, vicinity analysis and visuals for better estimation of value. Offers protection even in default.

Conversion to NFT

LandOrc converts land titles into NFT and uses it to manage collateral. Placement of collateral on-chain ensures transparency of tracking ownership across wallets and provides security. The use of the technology are beyond just collateral, managing land titles for property transactions, taxes and insurance. Bringing every land title with its own unique identity, trackable on the blockchain

Technology Powering LandOrc

LandOrc technology stack is built on Ethereum and is powered by three distinct tokens. Each with specific focus. Yet interconnected.

Land NFT Tokens (LandNFT)

LandNFT, non-fungible token based on ERC-721 standards, represents the specific land title. It can be used for defining the right of possession, collateral for lending and managing taxes. Placement on the blockchain allows for ease of transactions and tracking. Additional information linked to the land title including visuals, valuation and vicinity data is stored in IPFS (Inter Planetary File System) database associated with the LandNFT. Creating a single point of truth.

LandOrc Tokens (LORC)

Land Governance Token (LGOV) provides voting rights to members of the LandOrc ecosystem - investors, property developers, lawyers,valuers and technology partners. LGOV allows participation in governance of LandOrc platform including key decisions like choice of project to be made available for lending, fees on the platform and technology developments. Ensuring LandOrc operates as decentralised autonomous organisation.

Land Governance Tokens (LGOV)

LGOV allow members of the LandOrc ecosystem - property developer, lawyers, valuers, Digital Asset owners and technology partners to vote on key decisions on the platform. Distributed proportionately across members with specific allocated voting rights and multi signature wallet for independent valuers and legal counsels, to ensure adequate oversight. Minimum threshold vote amongst all issued LGOV tokens is needed to allow a property development project to be made available for staking on the plaform.

Meet Our Great Teams

Damodharan V

Executive Chairman

Navonil Roy

Chief Executive Officer - Global

Steve Martin

Sales & Partnership - Global

Adam Lafavre

Advisor - USA

Brian Anderson

Operations & Marketing - USA

Greg Duffell

New Market Development

Dr Voon Liew

Technology & Partnership

Peng Yew Wong

Real Estate Investment

Prakash Mahadevan

Director - Australia

Haari Murugan

Solution Architect

Suresh Naidu

Innovation & Communication

Raymond David

Legal Counsel

Manoharan Shanmugam

Chief Executive Officer - India

Sonny Mohanty

Advisor Community Development

Raj Padrasono

Social Media

Mirza Mahfuza

Project Management

LandOrc Roadmap

LandOrc has been following its roadmap to deliver an operating dApp and staking operations. All within a short period of time. And has set-up an aggressive plan to keep up the momentum. Ensuring change is constant


Advisory, Consultancy, Partnerships, Clients


Seed Funding, Market Sizing and India Operation Set


Technology Partnerships and Proof of Concept Development


Cross Chain Interoperability and Entry into United States


LORC Token Sales across DEX-Uniswap, CEX - Coinsbit and Bitforex. Staking Commencement for India


Beta Launch, Private Financing Round and Marketing Initiatives


Extending Reach across Asia and Entry into Australia


Entry into Africa and Upgrade of Consensus Framework


Listing in Additional CEX Exchanges

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