Frequently Asked Questions

Go to and select from Android or iOS for mobile application and select Chrome for desktop.

To better understand the process of Meta Mask creation check out

If a user has been previously registered and hasconnected the wallet can re-login by selecting thewallet account from metamask and sign in

View IPFS metadata helps user to see the registered property’s details, including property owner address, property type, build-up area, land Area, postcode, city, state, valuation, distress valuation etc.

During KYC form submission if the user wants to connect wallet, the user needs to add the metamask extension, open an account, and then simply connect to the account of metamask wallet.

The processing time of KYC verification may be a few hours to within 24 hours in most cases.

After land title registration and once the land title is converted to NFT the user can request for getting financing using the land title as collateral

On an average the Land title verification process takes 1 or 2 days. However in cases where it is a new country and the paper work is not complete then the landOrc team has to spend more time to complete the actual title verification.

Certified documented provide by the user is the basis for the verification. LandOrc team and the lawyers would then validate the documentation to avoid fake land titles.

The built-up section of the property is calculated based on the dimensions of the property and the available schema.

LandOrc Team, valuers and lawyers will independently value the land based on property developer input, available third party information and their independent judgement to set the value of the property.

Decentralized and Centralized exchanges are open marketplaces for ETH and other tokens. User can use fiat (cash) or other tokens to buy ETH from these exchanges.

LORC is the utility token which is used for staking on the LandOrc platform. It is the only accepted token for transactions on the platform. Hence users need to get LORC from exchanges to participate on the platform

0x148958884544a8ad7c4895e6ffe2723932e0523a is the smart contract for LandOrc

We are ERC20 protocol and pancake swap only support BEP20

You need to add the token to your metamask (copy n paste) the contract intro a new token... scroll down

That doesn't make it a scam. Just new. Checkout the roadmap for exchange listings

The #1 wallet with 92% holding is the platform wallet

We have raised our seed fund from the management team, we are now opening up to our initial investors and are gearing up to a public sale by mid-December. We areopen to fund participations at this stage. Our first market is India since we have already got a pipeline of property developers. In parallel we have discussions with partners in the following countries Thailand, Sri Lanka, Angola, Australia, will update once we have confirmation

All our smart contracts are published on Etherscan and the contracts have been audited by LandOrc’s partners include property developers who have good standing in the market and existing projects that are seeking funding for property development projects and have land collateral. We are currently focusing on in India and have a pipeline of projects that over other markets like Thailand, Sri Lanka, Angola, Australia and adding

Since we are DeFi, our focus will be in DEX. We already in Uniswap from 16-08-21. Also we are in conversation with Centralized Exchanges and should be listing by October

Any Ethereum wallet that support ERC20 protocol

Once the payment and wallet address has been received and confirmed the LORC tokens are sent over. The entireprocess is done within 24 hours

All pioneer investors who have invested via the platform is eligible to receive 10% additional token. While seed round has been sold, private round is scheduled from 29th August, 2021 onwards

Promotions are updated on our Telegram and website and also reflected on other social media channels

Pioneer investors, those investing before 29th August, directly via the platform will get 10% additional tokens. New users can take part in the staking on the platform that will be available from October 2021 onwards

LandNFT is available from October on the platform. If there are individuals who are keen to convert their land title for use as a collateral or for sales it will be possible. We will want to focus the NFT creation in markets where our legal teams are available. LandGov will be made available from October 2021 via our social channels and partners to members for the community within the definedallocations

we only support with metamask wallet

Prerequisite requirements checklist:
  • Please download the Google Chrome extension
  • Install metamask extension for ERC20 wallet.
  • Buy ETH amount on your metamask wallet account.
  • Then Go To this Link:

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